What we do

What we do for you……….

Your company’s incoming phone system is their shop front window.

At Rover Voice Services we specialise in recorded voices that will promote a welcoming, trustworthy and professional image to your  phone system.

We specialise in:

  • IVR system messages
  • Toll free menu announcements
  • PABX audio (eg afterhours/busy messages)
  • On hold audio
  • Foreign Language Audio


We can also help you out with any area of your business where you need professional voice audio, like:

  • E-learning voiceovers
  • Talking Websites
  • Multimedia Audio


Formats and delivery

We can provide your recording in most industry formats eg. WAV, WMA, MP3, G711, ULaw,  Alaw etc

Delivery of your recording is usually via email file transfer service for heavy jobs


“Faster than a dog at dinner…” We’ll have your recording done and dusted within 24hrs – usually faster*.

Stuck on that script?

We’ll also use our experience to help you out with scripting, free of charge!

Wag wag ruff!